This gas-lighting from a prominent journalism professor

Such gargantuan tax increases are, in fact, “theoretically possible.”  Read this post and re-acquaint yourself with how massive they would need to be.  The piece excerpted above notes that “throughout the campaign, Warren refused to provide any specifics about how she would fund a single-payer plan. Instead, whether questioned by moderators or challenged by other candidates, she recycled variants on the same talking points she has used in [various] venues.”  She is avoiding this question like the plague because she knows that bruising, across-the-board tax increases are unavoidable to fund a scheme that would add roughly $3.4 trillion in new spending every year (the federal government spent roughly $4 trillion last year, and is already racking up reckless and unsustainable deficits).

The Warren-friendly media is now trying to frame questions about this glaring issue as Republican-aiding, off-limits ‘gotchas,’ despite the fact that “how will you pay for X Y o Z” is the veritable definition of a legitimate policy question — especially for someone who holds herself out as a wonky planner.

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