Hyperlink Incomes Suggestions

Building links is one thing, but you can also earn links if you put out great content.

Google’s primary goal is, just like for any other company, to earn money. And Google cannot earn anything unless they provide good user experience. And good user experience, in turn, comes with good and relevant search results. If they fail to show relevant results, users might switch to some other search engine Money Robot Backlink Submitter.
What does great content mean for Google?

Great content is:

  1. desirable
  2. findable
  3. useful
  4. accessible
  5. credible
  6. valuable

Google checks technical features of your site like site load speed, navigation, design, keyword density, complexity, etc. Also, they will measure user experience through Click-through Rate (CTR), bounce rate or time spent on the site.

But, there is something more; one really simple fact: Good content will bring you a lot of natural backlinks! …and Google looks at links as well. In fact, links are Google’s #1 ranking factor.

Hower, if nobody sees your great content in the first place, there are no links growing. This is where link outreach comes in.

“How to write a high-quality article” would be another interesting topic, but for now, let’s focus on how you can earn more backlinks with your content.

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