Down an invisible road: Service mesh’s unpaved path to practicality

“Applications are going through a  appliance repair center reimagining process,” declared Vijoy Pandey, Cisco’s vice president and CTO of cloud computing. “You’re taking an application, and breaking it down into smaller pieces: microservices, containers. We’re going thinner and thinner.”

Breaking down applications on a server into discrete, compartmentalized, containerized functions offers a wealth of benefits. It lets data centers distribute microservices to the processors and systems best suited for them. It enables massive services to evolve continually and incrementally. It improves security by enforcing policies that govern how these functions communicate, and by separating databases and data streams into virtual appliances that are guarded by gateways.

There is a tradeoff, and it’s at least equally as huge: It decomposes systems into colossal Petri dishes of seemingly indistinguishable micro-organisms.

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